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Teaching Positions


Location: All Schools

Competition #: 11261

Open To: Everyone

Date Posted: May 5th, 2020

Closing Date: Open Ended

Additional Information:

Northland School Division is looking for advocates for Indigenous Education and supporters of FNMI language and culture.  The division is pleased to invite teachers to apply for a general call for teaching positions for the 2020/2021 school year.  We are looking for teachers who have successful experience in rural and Aboriginal communities, can build on the current strengths of the students, and can work towards literacy and language improvement through common Division goals and initiatives.  For specific vacancies, please see www.nsd61.ca/careers


Candidates must demonstrate strength in:

  • Instructional strategies for
  1. Engaged learning for academic improvement;
  2. English as a Second Language and English as a Second Dialect and learners; and
  3. Experiential learning.
  • Differentiated instruction to meet diversity in learning needs;
  • Weaving Aboriginal history, perspective, knowledge, experience, pedagogy, and resources into curriculum;
  • Engaging in school-parent-community activities;
  • Commitment to Professional Learning Communities and school team building for success.


The candidate will hold as priority, strong student and parent relationships, improvement in attendance, and learning success for all students. 


All candidates must be eligible for teacher certification in Alberta and will be required to provide an up-to-date RCMP criminal record check.


Northland School Division offers educational services, primarily to First Nation and Métis students.  The school division is located in the northern half of Alberta and serves approximately 2000 students and employs over 450 staff in 20 schools.  Our programs encompass all cultures which reflect community values within a global context.  This allows children to retain their distinctive cultural identity while achieving academic excellence.  To learn more about Northland School Division, visit www.nsd61.ca.  Find Northland School Division on Facebook and Twitter.


Please apply to:  Wesley Oginski, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, Northland School Division No. 61, P.O. Bag 1400, Peace River, Alberta T8S 1V2.  Phone: (780) 624-2060.  Fax: (780) 624-5914. Email: applications@nsd61.ca