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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Welcome to the COVID-19 Resources webpage. Our school division welcomed students and staff back into the classrooms this September after the Government of Alberta announced that in-school classes will resume. We continue to take direction from Alberta’s chief medical officer of health and the Government of Alberta. 



Read our 2020-2021 Re-entry Plan to learn more about steps we're taking to keep students and staff as safe as possible in our schools. This strategy outlines important guidelines around screening for illness, handwashing, physical distancing where possible, extra cleaning and disinfecting measures, cohorts, masks, and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

In some cases, our re-entry plan may exceed requirements set out by the provincial government. To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep students and safe as possible, schools will follow the guidelines in our re-entry plan. 

Under the provision of the provincial government and the Northland School Division Re-Entry Plan, parents and guardians were able to select between in-school learning and at-home learning. At-home learning involves both online learnings as well as paper and pencil tasks. At-home learning is delivered both at the school level and from a centralized approach. The centralized approach has almost 10 percent of the student population participating. The remaining 20 percent has at-home learning supported by the classroom teacher in the school/community where the student resides.

Whether it’s in school learning or at-home learning, the focus for teachers has been on instructing in ways that enable teachers to facilitate learning whether it is in school or at home. We felt this is necessary for the current year because we have to be prepared for the learning context to potentially change. Teachers have done this by utilizing technology tools, like Google Classroom, online resources, and continuing to participate in professional learning.

Students who choose the at-home learning option can also decide to switch to in-school learning at term/semester breaks and vice versa. The decision to change learning preferences must be made in consultation with school administration at the set entry and exit date to ensure continuity.

Set Entry and Exit Date (For specific dates, please contact your local school)

Elementary: Reporting periods.
Junior high: Reporting periods and semester break.
Senior high: Semester breaks