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Division News

Northland Announces New Divisional Principal for Literacy

Posted on August 19

Northland School Division is pleased to announce the appointment of Janette Cavanaugh as Divisional Principal for the Literacy Initiative. Janette spent her first year with the jurisdiction as a Pedagogical Supervisor; providing educational support to schools involved in the Northland – Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council (KTC) Partnership Agreement. Cavanaugh began her career with the Calgary Board of Education teaching a variety of grades in four different schools. She worked her way up to become principal of Saint Michael’s Catholic School in Trail, British Columbia and eventually with East Three Elementary School in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

“I look forward to working in all of our schools this year assisting in the development of Literacy learning for all of our students,” said Cavanaugh. “Literacy is the key to a successful educational experience and ultimately to a successful life. It is crucial that we work collaboratively to develop the skills of each student in our division.”

Over the course of year, Janette says the Division Literacy Team will be providing professional development sessions to support principals and school literacy leads.

“A major focus this year will be to develop an understanding of Early Literacy practices,” said Cavanaugh.

In 2010, Janette was named one of Canada's Outstanding Principals for the work she did with literacy in the Northwest Territories. Janette post-secondary accomplishments include a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary (U of C) and a Masters of Education in Literacy from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.