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On May 4, 2017, the new Northland School Division Act received Royal Assent in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The proclamation results in the reinstatement of an elected board in Northland School Division (NSD).

Northland School Division Act - Key Elements

Under the new Northland School Division Act:

  • NSD will have a governance structure of between seven and eleven wards. One trustee is elected in each ward.
  • The Board of the NSD is required to establish a formal engagement process for engaging with the wards, First Nations, Métis and other communities to whom we provide education services, Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta, Métis Settlements General Council and the Council of School Councils with respect to the establishments of the board's strategic direction.
  • Persons living on reserve where NSD has a tuition or education services agreement with the Nation are eligible to vote and/or run in trustee elections.
  • Transition from local school board committees to school councils. School councils will be guided by the School Act and School Council Regulation.
  • Each ward shall have a ward council that consists of the trustee from the ward, a member of each school council in the ward and other persons that may become members.

Click here to view the Northland School Division Act


Northland School Division Act Infographic


Northland Electoral Wards





First Nations with
Education Service or Tuition Agreement

Schools Within Ward



Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement

Keg River


Paddle Prairie School 



Susa Creek


Susa Creek School



Gift Lake Métis Settlement

Peavine Métis Settlement

Whitefish Lake First Nation (No.459)

Utikoomak Lake (No. 155/ 155A/ 155B)


Gift Lake School

Bishop Routhier School



East Prairie Métis Settlement


Kapawe’no First Nation (No. 150B/ 150C/ 150D/ 229/ 230)

Sucker Creek First Nation (No. 150A)

Hillview School

Grouard Northland School



Elizabeth Métis Settlement

Fishing Lake Métis Settlement


Elizabeth School

J.F. Dion School



Sandy Lake

Bigstone Cree Nation No. 458 (Wabasca No. 166/ 166A/ 166D, Pelican Settlement)

Mistassiniy School

Career Pathways School

Pelican Mountain School




Chipewyan Lake

Bigstone Cree Nation No. 458 (Wabasca No. 166B/ 166C)


St. Theresa School

Chipewyan Lake School



Calling Lake

Bigstone Cree Nation No. 458

Jean Baptiste Gambler No. 183

Calling Lake School






Fort McKay

Chipewyan Prairie First Nation (Janvier No. 194, Cowper Lake Indian Reserve 194A, Winefred Lake Indian Reserve No. 194B)

Fort McKay First Nation No. 467 (Fort McKay Indian Reserve No. 174/ 174C/ 174D/ Namur Lake No. 174A/ 174B/)

Fort McMurray No. 468 First Nation (Gregoire Lake No. 176/ 176A/ 176B, Clearwater No. 175)

Anzac Community School

Bill Woodward School

Conklin Community School

Father R. Perin School

Fort McKay School