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Attendance Improvement Initiative - Every Day Counts

On February 23, 2018, the Board of Trustees approved NSD’s 'Every Day Counts' Attendance Improvement Operational Plan. The plan fits the guidelines set out by the Auditor General of Alberta to include actions, outputs/deliverables, completion dates/checkpoints, responsibility and resource requirements. Click here to view the operational plan. 

Attendance Improvement Initiative - 'Every Day Counts' Vision and Mission


NSD is committed to establishing standards that promote and support student attendance improvement across the Division.


Our core focus and purpose for attendance improvement is to ensure the following goals are achieved:

  • To develop attendance gathering/collection processes that promote confidence and accuracy at all levels of the school division.
  • To ensure that the resources provided to support student attendance improvement are used in the best interest of students.
  • To ensure that our attendance improvement strategies engage our school communities, create an awareness of the importance of regular school attendance and are respectful of community cultural perspectives.
  • To establish standards and action protocols to ensure that NSD61 maintains and communicates accurate attendance data and best practices.
  • To ensure attendance practices are aligned with Sections 12, 13, 14, and 15 of the School Act and that all school-aged children access educational programming that supports high school graduation and successful post-secondary opportunities.

With support from the Board of Trustees, NSD implemented a division-wide 'Attendance Recognition and Awards Program'. Click here to view the strategies.