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The Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring the division's properties are kept in functional working order, that they are clean, address developing facility needs, and take preventative action.

We strive to address the following situations when they arise:

  • Health and safety concerns
  • Enrollment increases
  • Issues that meet essential facility needs arising from building obsolescence or to accommodate educational programs
  • Issues that provide for comprehensive modernization needs of existing facilities or additional non-instructional and gymnasium facilities
  •  Issues that are identified as meeting other school or community-type needs.

The department serves 19 schools, a mobile CTS Lab, 3 maintenance shops, 6 sewer systems and 4 water systems over a one hundred and fifty thousand square kilometer area. The staff consists of the Division Facility Manager, 2 Area Maintenance Supervisors, 1 Construction Project Foreman, 1 HVAC technician, 3 plumbers, 1 electrician and 1 maintenance worker and maintenance secretary.

Northland schools are separated into three Maintenance Areas, roughly based on geographical location.  To find out which schools are included in each Area, click here.

Each Maintenance Area is supervised by an Area Maintenance Supervisor (AMS) and serviced by various maintenance staff.  For a contact list of your AMS and maintenance staff members, click here