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The first School Lunch Program started at Conklin Community School in October 1973. Four Aboriginal communities were selected as a result of a request by the Métis Association of Alberta to the Alberta Government to fund a nutritional hot lunch program for children in northern Alberta. The Program was founded on a community development concept allowing individual programs to be managed and operated by people in each of the designated communities. There are currently 26 School Lunch Programs. School Food Services operates as a separate entity within Northland School Division. It provides consulting services for 26 hot lunch programs and employs approximately 47 kitchen staff, 3 book keepers, 1 accountant and 3 office staff.


  • To provide a nutritious lunch to every student where the program operates
  • Help children learn by providing up to 1/2 of their daily nutritional requirements


Emily Hunt - Operations Manager

780-624-2060 ext 6169