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The Housing Department provides approximately 138 residences for Northland School Division educators. Housing is governed by the Residential Tenancy Act and each residence includes a unit number.

Our continuing focus is to: 

  • Be client-focused with professional staff as clients
  • Implement a standardized rental fee structure over the division with equity as the driving force
  • Provide quality maintenance service to tenants
  • Pursue a policy of continuous improvement in the provision of housing services


  • Professional staff automatically qualify for housing in communities that provide residences
  • Paraprofessional staff will qualify if vacant residences exist within the community with no foreseeable need for professional staff utilization


  • Term coincides with employment 

Assignment to Housing:

  • The Housing Coordinator in collaboration with the school Principal assigns housing units to the professional staff

For more information please refer to the Housing Kit or contact: 

Carol Lillico
Housing Coordinator
Phone: 780-624-2060 ext: 6165
Fax: 780-624-5914