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Northland School Division (NSD) provides School Bus Transportation to all of our students
regardless of distance at no cost to the families that we service. To accomplish this, bus routes have been designed throughout the division to provide optimum service. The division operates 28 routes and 15 are contract-operated. Our buses travel approximately 900,000 kilometers per year. 


School Bus Registration

All students riding Northland School Division Buses are required to be registered before they will be permitted to ride the School Bus. Register early to avoid delays.  

This includes all students that attend the following schools:

  • Northland School Division Schools: Please visit www.nsd61.ca/schools
    • All students attending Northland School Division operated schools will be automatically registered through the school registration process. 
  • Cold Lake Middle School: Gr. 9 from Elizabeth and Fishing Lake. 
  • Cold Lake High School: Gr. 10-12 from Elizabeth and Fishing Lake. 
  • Cold Lake Outreach: Gr. 10-12 from Elizabeth and Fishing Lake. 
  • Assumption Jr/Sr High: Gr. 9-12 from Elizabeth. 
  • Prairie River Jr High: Gr. 7-9 from Peavine, Grouard, and East Prairie. 
  • EW Pratt High School: Gr. 10-12 from Peavine, Grouard, Gift Lake and East Prairie. 
  • Prairie View Outreach: Gr. 10-12 from Peavine, Grouard, Gift Lake, and East Prairie. 
  • St. Andrews School: Gr. 7-12 from Peavine, Grouard, East Prairie and Gr 10-12 from Gift Lake. 

We encourage parents and guardians to download our new Bus Status App.  The bus status app allows parents and guardians to receive bus cancellations or changes immediately on a phone or tablet. Click here for instructions on how to download the app. 

The Bus Status App works alongside the Bus Status available on the NSD website www.nsd61.ca/departments/transportation/bus-status

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Student Transportation Operator Handbook

Click here to view the Student Transportation Operator Handbook.