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Thanks for stopping by to learn more about The Northland School Division family. If you’re looking for an adventurous career in education, you’ve come to the right school division! Come, let us show you around one of Alberta’s most stunning landscapes—replete with freshwater trophy fishing lakes, Canada’s most unique wildlife and Northern Lights on display!

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Our Unique Division

The Northland School Division is situated in postcard Canada! Our school facilities are found next to mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands. Our location provides our staff and student bodies daily opportunities to integrate learning with nature for optimal educational outcomes.

Your Worktime...
is Extraordinary.

Educators have immediate access to hiking/skiing trails to bring your students and classrooms, outdoors. Why not find a real rainbow displayed outdoors instead of simulating one in a sterile lab?! Your lesson plans come to life within our school division and our culturally diversified staff and faculties. Students learn about Canada’s legendary fauna and regularly spot deer, coyote, fox, bear, otter, beavers—you name it, we have it!

The Northland School Division is welcoming to staff from all backgrounds and boasts a culturally stimulating career opportunity immersed in colorful and vibrant Indigenous splendours.

While living in our beautiful communities, Principals and Educators have access to numerous resources to boost career acumen. Our resources include mentorships and customized career paths to help you grow in your desired branch of education delivery. We ensure that Principals are supported with the latest knowledge and tooling to be successful in a 21st-century learning environment. Enhance your professional experience and “choose your own adventure” with remote, or northern and Indigenous community placements! A career stint with The Northland School Division will provide you with invaluable and irreplaceable professional resume experience! That’s our guarantee!

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Your Off-Time...
is Adventurous.


Educators have much on their plate to manage. Your off-time is your time to rest, reflect and re-centre. Let us hold the door open for you as you connect with yourself on your off-time. Allow us to introduce YOU to Canada’s most fascinating landscapes. Let’s take a tour...

Do you like to ATV, hunt or fish? Maybe you like to recharge on quiet nature filled hikes? Navigating our wild or meandering rivers on your kayak is always steps away in our school division communities! Don’t forget to attend our many illustrious Indigenous community celebrations!

If you’re looking for long daily commutes, skyscrapers, over-crowding and big box stores, you might want to keep looking elsewhere. We offer genuine friendships, professional team building filled with warmth and acceptance, wild nature, and friendly community members. Try something new. Grow your skillset. Get outdoors. Make lifelong connections.

What We Offer

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The last six years teaching in Anzac at Bill Woodward School within the Northland School Division have been the most enriching and rewarding experience of my life. To say I loved my teaching position,…

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Try something new. Grow your skillset. Get outdoors. Make lifelong connection. We can't wait to meet YOU!

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