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Benefit Plan (ASEBP) Information

Source: https://www.asebp.ab.ca/

Source: https://www.asebp.ab.ca/

When you were hired, you were registered in the ASEBP benefit plan. We want you to have all the information you require in order to take full advantage of the ASEBP benefits you are entitled to. (Temporary employees are required to wait one full month to be eligible for benefit coverage)

To assist you in understanding details of your plan entitlement, how to submit claims, the Health Spending Account, please consider, if you have not yet done so, signing up online with ASEBP, at www.asebp.ab.ca.

The website provides valuable information about your specific benefits, including the claim forms that you can print from the site, and so much more. If you have questions about the plan, you should contact ASEBP directly at the contact information on their site.

See the following links below with the above-mentioned information.

ASEBP Benefit Handbook

How to register at ASEBP

Northland's plan checklist

Claim forms

Health and Wellness Spending Accounts Information (Non-teaching staff only)

Health and Wellness Spending Accounts Guide (Non-teaching staff only)

NOTE: Services are available in English, Cree and other languages. 

If you have any questions please contact: 

Holly Friesen
Human Resources Administrator
Phone: 780-624-2060, extension 6156