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Bus Status App Update

Posted on September 4

Bus Status 4 logo

Bus Status 4 logo

Northland School Division families will enjoy a faster and more reliable experience when using the Bus Status App. 

A new version called Bus Status 4 is now available! Currently, NSD families are using the Bus Status 3 version. 

Download Bus Status 4 from the App Store or Play Store and choose your preferences. The Bus Status 4 App will be faster and more reliable while keeping the same functionality. 

Click here for instructions on how to download Bus Status 4. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bus Status getting a new app?

Mobile app technology is constantly moving forward, and it was time to create an even faster, more reliable experience for Bus Status users. Bus Status 4 will have the same features and functionality as the current Bus Status App. The changes are almost exclusively under-the-hood updates that will result in increased speed and reliability. 

How much longer will users be able to use Bus Status 3?

After September 29, bus statuses will no longer appear in the Bus Status 3 App.

When will Bus Status 4 be available to download?

Parents and students can download Bus Status 4 right now! The current App (Bus Status 3) will be removed from the stores. There will only ever be one version of the Bus Status App available to download.

How will someone know what Bus Status App they have?

Bus Status 4 will feature a different colour for the app icon (see photo below). The Bus Status 4 App icon is a yellow bus on a white background. 

Users can also check the version of their app by opening the app, tapping on “District” in the bottom right, and viewing the App Version listed there. Version 3.0.9 will be retired in September 2023 and version 4.0.0 is the new version that will continue to be supported.

Sharon Durocher said on September 4, 2023

not good with technology but give it a try

Cash Desjarlais said on September 4, 2023

I think I should have a great experience with this bus app