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School Council and Principal Advisory Committee (PAC)

School Council and Principal Advisory Committee (PAC)

Are you looking for an avenue to participate in the education system at Northland School Division (NSD)? Contact your local school to become a School Council or a Principal Advisory Committee member! We believe the contributions from School Councils and Principal Advisory Committees will help make NSD the best education system for our students. 

What is School Council or Principal Advisory Committee?

A School Council or Principal Advisory Committee involves parents, community members, and school staff to come together to discuss school operations and student learning. School Councils meet once a month. 

The meeting is designed to create a caring and welcoming environment for those who attend. It allows parents to understand more about what is happening in the school and is a way for parents to actively participate in the school. As well, School Councils provide a way for parents to talk and express what they wish for the education of their children.

Core Activities: 

  • work with the principal to help enhance the school through a collaborative process;
  • establish & review school council goals, objectives, action plans, and procedures; 
  • communicates and consults with parents and community members; 
  • assist with school activities and engagement;
  • meet regularly; 
  • create meaningful parental involvement.

Examples of Actions by School Councils:

  • suggestions for fun learning activities or extracurricular activities;
  • suggestions on ways to motivate and improve school attendance;
  • create parent information nights on specific topics such as wellness;
  • ways to get more parents involved in the school meetings.

Established School Councils: 

  • focus on what is best for all students in the school; 
  • consider the interests of all school stakeholders; 
  • maintain and reflect the culture of the school; 
  • represent the parent voice in the school community;
  • meet regularly, normally once a month. 

Please think about attending your school's next School Council meeting. In the circumstance that a School Council is unable to form, schools can set up a Principal Advisory Committee (PAC). A PAC has the same opportunities and involvement as a School Council would as per the School Act and the School Council Regulations. 

For more information, please refer to the Alberta School Councils’ Association Resource Guide https://www.albertaschoolcouncils.ca/public/download/files/181387