Division News

Division News

Board Meeting

Posted on August 28

The Northland School Division Board Meeting starts tonight at 7! 

Agenda for Friday, August 28, 2015:

      7:15 p.m.   Attendance & CEU Presentation (Don Tessier, Associate Superintendent)

      7:45 p.m.   Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Presentation (Don Tessier, Associate Superintendent)

      8:15 p.m.   Organization Chart Discussion (Donna Barrett, Superintendent of Schools)

      8:30 p.m.   Education Quarterly Report (Donna Barrett, Superintendent of Schools)

Agenda for Saturday, August 28, 2015


Recommended Items

  • Education Quarterly Report
  • Finance Quarterly Report
  • Zone 1 2015 Friends of Education Award
  • Calling Lake Portable Classroom Sales Tender
  • Paddle Prairie Portable Classroom Sales Tender
  • Wabasca Mobile Homes Tender    

 Education Committee Items

              2.1    Locally Developed Courses Abnormal Psychology 35 & Religious Studies 15-25-35       


Personnel Committee Items

  • Job Description – Divisional Facilities Manager (2nd Reading)
  • Job Description – Construction Project Foreman (2nd Reading)
  •  Job Description – Executive Secretary Finance (2nd Reading)
  • Job Description – School Custodian (1st Reading)
  •  Job Description – Housing Coordinator (1st Reading)
  • Job Description – Student Data and Education Technology Coach (1st Reading)                   


Finance Committee Items

  •  Procedure 516, Disposal of Divisional Property (1st Reading)
  • Procedure 500, Budget (1st Reading)
  • Appendix 2, Schedule of Rates
  •  Disposal of Units #609 and #645
  • Transfer of 2 Mobile Housing Units to the Lubicon Lake Band

Local School Board Committee (LSBC) Items


  • Superintendent
  • Chairman’s Report


  • Attendance Focus Group
  • Recruiting and Staffing Update
  • Construction Update
  • Mobile Home Project Update