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A third book written by Northland students is now available on Amazon

Posted on October 3

A third book written by Northland School Division students is now available on Amazon! The published book was made possible with funding from our friends at Cenovus Energy. The book titled Weaving Hearts Together can be best described as a labour of love and connection.

Similar to Finding Fire Within by Reconnecting with the Land, Elders, Knowledge Keepers and community members opened their hearts to the students by sharing stories. After listening to the Elders, Knowledge Keepers and community members, students wrote and illustrated pictures to bring the stories to life. This connected people, deepened cultural roots, and helped to weave their hearts together.

“The Board would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of students, staff, Elders, and community members involved with this project,” said Cathy Wanyandie, Board Chair. “Publishing these stories is an excellent way for students to learn and celebrate their language, culture, and identity from local Elders and community members. The Board would also like to thank Cenovus for continuing to support Northland School Division.” 

“This project is an example of how Northland School Division is achieving excellence in learning and weaving Indigenous knowledge, language, and culture in the curriculum,” said Shelley Willier Superintendent of Schools/CEO. “Being able to see Northland students and staff interacting with Elders, Knowledge Keepers and community members is exciting and very beneficial to the student learning experience. I also want to thank Cenovus for supporting this project.”

Lost in the Fog is one story featured in the book. Nathan Cardinal, a student from Mistassiniy School, wrote about a hunting trip his grandfather shared. While it was a beautiful fall morning, the fog created challenges for travelling in a canoe across the lake: “They ventured ahead as there was nothing to stop them from going to the bush to hunt and get what they needed from the land. This would provide for the family at home and others in the community as this was a practice back then; to give what you had to others that needed the help not asking or wanting anything in return” (Nathan Cardinal, 2023) 

To purchase a copy of Weaving Hearts Together, visit the Amazon website link https://www.amazon.ca/Weaving-Hearts-Together

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