Division News

Division News

Another Successful Regional Science Fair at Bishop Routhier School

Posted on April 30

Young scientific minds left a lasting legacy at Northland School Division’s Regional Science Fair on April 27th at Bishop Routhier School. Approximately 50 students from St. Theresa School (Wabasca-Desmarais), Gift Lake School, Hillview School (East Prairie Métis Settlement), Grouard Northland School and Bishop Routhier School (Peavine Métis Settlement) showcased projects for judges, parents and community members that would even impress Bill Nye the Science Guy. Jesse Lee-Morin, Northern Lakes Collaborative Services and Beth Cramer, Alberta Health Services, were given the task of judging over 30 projects by students who placed 1st or 2nd place in local science fairs. Projects varied from watching students walk on eggs, learn which soda impacts teeth the most and how eye colour matters in relation to vision. Heather Hemptock, Bishop Routhier School Teacher and Regional Science Fair Organizer says she was so impressed to see so many quality projects.

Congratulations to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and to all participants!

Grades 1 & 2

1st place: Jacob Dunham and Owen Gladue, St. Theresa School

Project: How to make a lemon battery

2nd place: Ashley Auger and Hannah Cardinal, St. Theresa School

Project: Life cycle of a butterfly

3rd place: Sam Bissell and Connor Mcgrath, St. Theresa School

Grades 3 & 4

1st place: Georgia Malloy and Julie Rathbone, St. Theresa School

Project: How does popcorn pop?

2nd place: Helena Cardinal and Ghada Moallem, St. Theresa School

Project: Money under bottle

3rd place: Peyton Carifelle, Bishop Routhier School

Project: Density sugar stacking

Grades 5 & 6

1st place: Jada Auger and Kaelin Darbyson, Grouard Northland School

Project: Would you like to be tested?

2nd place: Alex Dunham and Daylin Sinclair, St. Theresa School

Project: How does a homemade lava lamp work?

3rd place: Alexis Alook and Madisyn Chalifoux, St. Theresa School

Project: Walking on eggs

Grades 7, 8 & 9

1st place: Keanu Anderson and Sheldon Anderson, Gift Lake School

Project: How to make clouds

2nd place: Benny Yellowknee, Gift Lake School

Project: Comparing Acids

3rd place: Evan Anderson, Gift Lake School

Project: Which battery will last the longest?

3rd place: Jay Anderson, Gift Lake School

Project: Making a simple motor