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Division News

Eagle Excellence in Attendance Club for September 2018

Posted on October 23

Congratulations to all NSD schools for the number of students who are now Eagle ‘Excellence-in-Attendance Club’ members for September! Special recognition to the following schools where the proportion of ‘Excellence-in-Attendance’ to the school’s total population is especially noteworthy:

Area 1

44% of Susa Creek School’s student population had ‘excellence-in-attendance’ in September. Paddle Prairie School (39%) and Grouard Northland School (36%) certainly deserve special recognition for the number of attendees in the 95%-100% range relative to their student populations.

Area 2

Pelican Mountain School (50%) tops the list of schools in Area 2 with a high proportion of their student
population with attendance patterns between 95-100%.  St. Theresa School (40%) and Career Pathways School (36%) have a high number of excellent attenders for their student population. 

Area 3

Area 3 schools lead the way in perfect attenders for September. Four schools are highlighted for the
numbers of students attending between 95% and 100% compared to their total school population. With 62% J.F. Dion School tops the division for having the highest number of ‘excellence-in-attendance’ students when compared to their school enrolment. Congratulations! 52% of Elizabeth School’s student population had between 95% and 100% attendance for September. Bill Woodward School (35%) and Fort McKay School (39%) must also be congratulated for their attendance improvement efforts

Quick Attendance Facts for September and October 2018

  • September 14, 28 and October 19 were higher than usual absenteeism days for Northland School Division. These dates are Fridays.
  • Males tended to be absent more often than females.

Click here to view the division-wide September 2018 - Excellence in Attendance Club Chart.