Division News

Division News

Kateri School Students excell in Caring for our Watershed Program

Posted on May 3

Mark Cardinal (left) and Andrea Noskiye (right)

Mark Cardinal (left) and Andrea Noskiye (right)

On May 3rd 2014, the Battle River Watershed Alliance hosted the Final Competition for their annual Caring For our Watersheds program.  Of the 299 students who entered from across central and northern Alberta, one of the eleven finalist groups was from the Northland School Division No.61.  Other finalists hailed from Fort McMurray SD, Battle River SD, Lakeland Catholic SD, Wolf Creek SD, and Edmonton SD . Below is a summary of all of the finalists.


Student Names


School Division

School, Location

Prize Amount


Sofia Capettini, Ava Funkhouser, Tizita Hill, Michaela Reitsma

Aquaponics Food System

Wolf Creek Public Schools

Ecole Secondaire Composite, Lacombe



Isaac Boddy

Hummingbird Garden

Wisdom Homeschooling

Homeschool, Forestburg



Tyler Elder

Landscaping with Xeriscaping

Battle River

Bashaw School, Bashaw



Simran Panesar

Toonies for Trees Campaign

Edmonton Public Schools

A. Blair McPherson, Edmonton



Jenelle Chen, Christina Luu

Compost Fertilizer

Edmonton  Public Schools

Londonderry Junior High, Edmonton



Mark Cardinal, Andrea Noskiye

Sustainable Development

Northland No. 61

Kateri School, Trout Lake



Jared Chevrie, Mckaila Tunstall, Desiree St. Amant

Cattail Buffering Study

Lakeland Catholic

Notre Dame High School, Bonnyville



Brogan Middleton

Watershed Education Program

Battle River

Bashaw School, Bashaw



Ashley Bilhete, Judzeah Sagstuen

Electronic Recycling

Edmonton Public Schools

John D. Bracco, Edmonton



Madyson Thomsen

Water Recycling

Battle River

Charlie Killam, Camrose



Maham Fatima

Acid Rain Awareness

Fort McMurray Public Schools

Ecole McTavish, Fort McMurray



Finalists from the NSD won $500 for themselves and their schools!

 The Caring for our Watersheds program asks students in Grades 7-12 from across Central Alberta “What can you do to improve your watershed?” Students develop a written proposal describing their project idea.  A group of community judges mark the proposals and invite the finalist to prepare a verbal presentation for the Final Competition. Finalists all receive a cash prize, as well as matching prize amount for their school.  

“The purpose of the contest is simple,” says Lindsey Metheral, from the program sponsor Agrium.  “Our goal is to encourage students to learn about their local watershed and be inspired to make improvements to the land, air and water. With community and school support, we have seen the creativity and determination students have for protecting and preserving the environment. It’s inspiring when they turn their ideas into reality.”

“Over the years the community has shown great leadership in mentoring the students and helping them implement their ideas. Anyone who entered in 2014 can work towards making their idea happen. We are here to help them,” said Nathalie Stanley, Education and Outreach  Coordinator from the Battle River Watershed Alliance.  “Several students from Bashaw school had ideas on how to make the new Bashaw school greener, such as with low-flow toilets.  I hope to be able to offer some funding and support to the school to make these students’ ideas a reality.”  Agrium offers $10,000 worth of implementation funds each year to interested students.

The Caring For our Watersheds competition is a great fit for project-based learning in both junior and senior high classes, and fits well into the science and social science curriculum.  Local program representatives are available for classroom visits and student mentoring.

For more information, please contact the Central Alberta Program Coordinator Nathalie Stanley at nathalie@battleriverwatershed.ca or visit CaringforourWatersheds.com