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Division News

Melanie Lapp appointed Indigenous Cultural Land-Based Learning Coach

Posted on July 4

Northland School Division is pleased to announce the appointment of Melanie Lapp as the new Indigenous Cultural Land-Based Learning Coach. Melanie is a proud Métis iskwew (woman) from Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement, where her roots run deep.

Melanie's journey has been influenced by her mother, Martha, inspiring her to pursue higher education. She completed the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) at the University of Alberta, and she is currently focused on her academic journey, pursuing a Master’s Program in Elementary Education.

“With a strong commitment to my community, I am eager to contribute as the Indigenous Culture and Land-Based Coach at Northland School Division,” said Lapp. “This role aligns perfectly with my passion for giving back and my dedication to empowering Métis youth across the province.”

“Melanie's role was established in response to community engagement conversations with students, parents, guardians, and community members,” said Cal Johnson, Superintendent of Schools/CEO. “We heard that more support is needed to weave local language and culture into the curriculum. Melanie has the experience we are looking for and the ability to work with schools and communities around language and land-based learning.”

Melanie will be providing support to the Director of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education, Debbie Mineault. Beyond her professional pursuits, Melanie enjoys photography, sports, and cherishing moments with her children and grandchildren. She is dedicated to encouraging Métis youth to embrace self-confidence and pursue their ambitions with tenacity and courage.