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Division News

Northland School Division Assurance Plan Community Engagement

Posted on April 11

Northland School Division (NSD) has been evolving and celebrating success stories in all our communities. With this in mind, the Board of Trustees and Administration are pleased to launch a community engagement focused on updating NSD’s Assurance Plan. 

Every year, school divisions in Alberta develop and submit an Assurance Plan before the end of May. The Board of Trustees reaffirmed the key priorities for the Northland School Division in March of 2022.  The priorities include:

  1. Excellence in Learning: Students achieve or exceed the standards set by Alberta Education in literacy and numeracy. 
  2. Excellence in Leadership: Through excellent leadership practices, everyone feels welcome and valued.
  3. Excellence in Relationships: Develop and actively promote healthy relationships with students, parents/guardians, staff, community, and educational partners.

These priorities provided direction for Administration when developing outcomes, strategies, and measures for the 2021-2024 Assurance Plan (Education Plan), with support from communities. Currently, Northland School Division is working on the 2022-2025 Assurance Plan. To ensure Northland is moving in the right direction to support student growth and achievement, the division is asking for input from parents, guardians and community members. 

Participate in the Northland School Division Assurance Plan Community Engagement Survey

A four-question survey has been developed to gather input from parents, guardians, and community members. To access the survey visit https://letscometogethernsd.com//assurance-plan-community-engagement

Please note that you will need to register on the webpage before participating in the survey. Those who register will be entered into a draw for a $100 gift certificate to Chapters/Indigo. 

The survey will be open from April 11th until April 22nd. Thank you for your continued support!