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Division News

Northland Welcomes Warren Griffiths

Posted on August 19

Northland School Division is pleased to welcome its new Student Data and Education Technology Coach Warren Griffiths to northern Alberta. Warren, who hails from Toronto, Ontario, brings a wealth of experience in helping educators integrate technology to support student learning. 

"While I’m an elementary generalist and high school English and drama teacher by trade, my career has mostly been on the educational technology side of things,” said Griffiths. "One of the great things about technology is its ability to break down the four walls of the classroom to make outdoor experiential learning possible. As outdoor education is a large part of what we do at Northland, I envision technology enriching our already valuable learning traditions."

Before coming to Northland, Warren held the title of Director of Technology and Innovation at Montcrest School in Toronto. Griffiths says he is excited for this new challenge. 

"Having recently completed my graduate studies in Education, I was looking to branch out of my comfort zone," said Griffiths. "I’ve had a career predominately in schools that cater to what we would call privileged students. It is time that I used my skills to give back to my community, not just to those who can afford technology-infused curricula. Also, the possibility to travel within Northern Alberta as part of my job was appealing to me."

Warren is certainly no stranger to new surroundings. He spent two years as a Technology Integration Coordinator at a school in Panama City and taught English as a Second Language in South Korea for close to 2 years. Warren's educational career is supported by his post-secondary accomplishments. He earned a Masters in Education and Digital Technologies Degree from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. He also holds a Bachelor of Education from Charles Sturt University, a Post-Graduate Certificate from Sheridan College for Information Technologies Professional Internship, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from McMaster University.