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Division News

NSD Attendance Recognition and Awards Program recipients for 2019-2020

Posted on June 18

Northland School Division (NSD) is pleased to announce the division’s Attendance Recognition and Awards Program recipients for the 2019-2020 school year. The program strategies are aimed to recognize excellent student attendees, attendance improvement, student achievement and efforts made by parents and schools. Congratulations to the following schools, students and families:

Award Strategy #2 – Year-end plaques presented to schools achieving an overall attendance rate of 87% or better and eligibility for school attendance award

Schools recognized with plaques: Calling Lake School, J.F. Dion School and Pelican Mountain School. All three schools will also share a $3000 prize award.

Award Strategy #3 – Year-end Draw for $500 Family Gift Card and a $250 Family Gift Card

At year-end, names of all students whose attendance is between 90%-100% are placed in a draw for $500

$500 Family Gift Card winner: Max Callihoo, Anzac Community School

At year-end, names of all students whose attendance growth has improved by 15% or more over the previous school year will be eligible for a $250 Family Gift Card.

$250 Family Gift Card winner: Rory Cunningham, Bishop Routhier School. Rory’s attendance improved by 44% over the previous year.

Award Strategy #7 – Students achieving excellence in attendance (95% or better) throughout the school year are provided with certificates of achievement and a lunch outing with the trustee and principal

A number of NSD schools will present school division certificates to students who achieved excellence in attendance.

Award Strategy #8 – Highest Percentage of Growth

At year-end, two schools with the highest percentage growth in attendance over the previous year will receive a $1000 award. With input from students and parents, award monies will be used by the school to achieve future educational goals of their choice.

$1000 Highest Percentage of Growth winner: Bishop Routhier School and Calling Lake School. Both schools achieved a 7.5% increase.