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NSD61 Graduation Video Project 2013-2014

Posted on August 27

Northland School Division No. 61 (NSD61) has completed an important journey to showcase student voice and recognize high school graduates. In March, 2014, Curtis Walty, Communications Coordinator and Terry Lynn Cook, Pedagogical Supervisor, spearheaded this movement by developing the “NSD61 Graduation Video Project 2013-2014”. This project involved gathering short video clip interviews from grade 12 graduates. Students were asked a series of questions relating to their educational experience. The questions include:

  • What are some positive experiences you have had at school?
  • What motivated you to graduate?
  • What inspirational message would you like to leave with future students?
  • What are your future plans?
  • Can you think of strategies to improve the learning experience at Northland School Division?

The “NSD61 Graduation Video Project 2013-2014” highlights many of the positive practices happening throughout the division. The video provides important feedback for the Northland Board and has the potential to assist with professional development sessions for educators.

NSD61 would like to thank the following schools, individuals and departments for helping with the “NSD61 Graduation Video Project 2013-2014”

  • NSD61 grade 12 graduates who participated in the video!!
  • Donna Barrett, Superintendent of Schools
  • NSD61 FNMI Programming Department
  • Micheal Auger: assisted NSD61 with editing the video
  • Paddle Prairie School staff
  • Calling Lake School staff
  • Peerless Lake School staff
  • Mistassiniy School staff
  • Career Pathways School staff
  • Athabasca Delta Community School staff
  • Kateri School staff
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