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Division News

Organizational Meeting - Board Chair and Vice-Chair Election Results

Posted on June 14

At our Organizational Meeting, Ward 7 Trustee Robin Guild has been elected Board Chair and Jules Nokohoo has been re-elected Vice-Chair. Click on the website link to learn more about Robin and Jules https://www.nsd61.ca/governance/board-of-trustees-2.

Information regarding the 2019-2020 Board Meeting Schedule, Board Committee Appointments and Board Representative Appointments will be included in the June 14, 2019, Board Highlights. 





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Christy Jellett said on June 14, 2019

Congratulations Robin. You have always been a strong advocate for both students and staff and NSD.

Elaine Edgar said on June 16, 2019

Congratulations Robin. I’m glad to hear you are now the chairperson. You have great staff at NSD61 to work for all the students and to help you and the board in making their education your top priority. It’s all your duty having been elected.

Having worked directly with the board, I know that less conferences by the chairperson and having the board members have more interaction with your regions would go a long way in repairing things.

Ultimately it is the board who runs the division and decides where to spend the money and is therefore responsible to the students needs for their education and responsible for the money spent. The NSD61 staff are the worker bees following the board’s desires through the superintendents direction.
I know you will remember to be respectful of the staff too and be a stronger advocate for everyone to work together as a team than previously.

Congratulations and the best of luck.

Robin Guild said on June 17, 2019

Thank you for your support Christy.

Annette Ramrattan said on June 19, 2019

Robin, I am sure you and Jules will make a great team in your efforts to carry the Division forward. All the best for the future. Annette