Division News

Division News

Regular Board Meeting - October 19, 2018

Posted on October 16

We are hosting our Regular Board Meeting at the Star of the North Centre (St. Albert) on Friday, October 19, 2018. 

Here are some action items being brought to Board

  • Locally Developed Courses 
  • The Attendance Recognition and Award Program
  • Fort McMurray Catholic School Division Boundaries
  • Audit Planning Letter
  • Enrolment Report
  • Review Draft Fall Budget 
  • Policy 7 Appendix B Board Professional Development Plan & Guidelines-Second Reading
    (L.Byers/T. Rasmuson) 
  • Policy 7 Housekeeping 
  • Policy 10 Policy Making - 1st and 2nd Reading
  • Appointment of Trustee Lamouche to Zone 1 Ad Hoc Committee
  • Board Evaluation

Here is a list of reports being presented to Board:

  • Board Chair Report, 
  • Superintendent's Report,
  • Area 2 Associate Superintendent Report,
  • First Nations, Metis and Inuit Report,
  • IT Department Report,
  • Maintenance Department Report.  

Click on the website link to view the Board Agenda https://nsd61.ca/download/142272

Click on the website link to view upcoming Regular Board Meeting dates https://nsd61.ca/governance/board-meeting-agenda-minutes