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Division News

School Board Trustee Election - Unofficial Results

Posted on October 16

Northland School Division (NSD) is pleased to announce the unofficial election results!

Ward 1 - Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, Keg River (Election declared)

Candice Calliou = 28 total votes received
Joanne Ducharme = 25 total votes received
Maddy Daniels = 37 total votes received *

Ward 2 - Susa Creek (Acclaimed)

Cathy Wanyandie

Ward 3 - Gift Lake Metis Settlement, Peavine Metis Settlement (Election declared)

Ken Shaw = 67 total votes received
Randy Anderson = 77 total votes received *

Ward 4 - East Prairie Metis Settlement, Grouard (Election declared)

Frank "Manny" Chalifoux = 42 total votes received
Jesse Lamouche = 54 total votes received *
Lana L’Hirondelle = 8 total votes received

Ward 5 - Peerless Lake, Trout Lake, Little Buffalo (Election declared)

Louis Cardinal = 108 total votes received *
Violet Cardinal = 31 total votes received

Ward 6 - Desmarais, Sandy Lake (Acclaimed)

Silas Yellowknee

Ward 7 - Wabasca, Chipewyan Lake (Election declared)

Fay Cardinal = 38 total votes received 
Robin Guild = 48 total votes received *

Ward 8 - Calling Lake (Election declared)

Cora Weber-Pillwax = 31 total votes received
Clifford Cardinal = 53 total votes received
Loretta Gladue = 70 total votes received *

Ward 9 - Fort Chipewyan (Acclaimed)

Rubi-Helen Shirley

Ward 10 - Anzac, Janvier, Conklin, Fort McKay (Acclaimed)

Jules Nokohoo

Ward 11 - Elizabeth Metis Settlement, Fishing Lake Metis Settlement (Election declared)

Arlene Calliou = 31 total votes received
Karen Telford = 77 total votes received *

As per election guidelines, the results are unofficial until noon on October 20th at which time NSD will release the official election. Orientation for the Board of Trustees will take place October 24th and 25th. The organizational and first regular board meeting for the new Board of Trustees is scheduled for October 26th and they will be sworn in before the start of the organizational meeting. A ceremony to introduce our new Board of Trustees is also scheduled at 2:00 p.m. on October 26th.