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School Bus Safety Week - October 18-24, 2020

Posted on October 20

In recognition of School Bus Safety Week, the Northland School Division (NSD) Transportation Department is helping to educate the families we serve on school bus safety October 18-24, 2020. This year's theme is 'My Driver, My Hero'

Updated Transportation Rules

On August 12th, Northland School Division released its re-entry plan https://www.nsd61.ca/download/291974. While developing the re-entry plan, we wanted to ensure the transition back to school is smooth and operations take place in the safest way possible. Before school resumed, we produced a video to explain the additional measures in place for school bus transportation

Important Messages about School Bus Safety

Did you know? 

When a bus turns on RED flashing lights this means STOP in both directions (Including off-road vehicles in the ditch). NEVER pass a school bus with red flashing lights. The fine for passing a school bus with its red lights flashing is $543 and six demerit points.

Did you know? 

When a bus turns on YELLOW flashing lights this means it is preparing to stop. Slow down and get ready to stop.

Did you know?

Parents are responsible for the safety of their children to and from the bus stop. Accompany small children to the bus stop, ensure they are adequately dressed and stand quietly in a group while waiting for the bus.

Did you know? 

Drivers are required to do a DAILY pre-trip inspection to ensure all bus components are working properly and a post-trip inspection to check for sleeping children.

Did you know?

Research consistently shows that school buses are the safest way for a child to travel. A study by Transport Canada found riding a bus to school is 16 times safer than riding in a passenger vehicle. Fewer parents driving their children decreases congestion around schools and makes the school safer for everyone.

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Bus Status

NSD launched another way for students and parents to check if a school bus is on time, delayed or cancelled this year. The Bus Status is up and running on our website www.nsd61.ca. On the website, look for the little school bus in the top right-hand corner and click where it says On-Time, Delayed or Cancelled. It will then take you to the Bus Status webpage https://nsd61.ca/departments/transportation/bus-status.

NSD looking for School Bus Drivers

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Poster Contest

The Alberta Student Transportation Advisory Council (ASTAC) is sponsoring a provincial poster contest to promote School Bus Safety Week. Click here to learn more!