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Division News

Spring Break Message - Board of Trustees

Posted on April 3

Tansi, Edlánat’e, Hello students, parents, guardians, staff and community members. 

This has been a challenging time for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic is something none of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. We have had to adapt to a new normal in a short period of time. Instead of social gatherings at the hockey arena, for example, we are asked to practice social distancing. It has resulted in a new way of learning for all students. 

On March 15th, the province cancelled all K-12 in-person classes indefinitely. Since then, administration went to work on developing a “Continuing Student Learning Plan.” 

The Board of Trustees would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication Northland staff and students have exhibited and are continuing to exhibit during this difficult time. We also want to thank parents, guardians and community members for their patience and support. 

We have faced adversity in the past and we will overcome this challenge as well. To everyone who plays a part in education, please take some time to relax and be safe during the Spring Break. 

Hai Hai, Masi Cho, Thank you.


The Board of Trustees of Northland School Division