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Division News

Statement regarding Draft K-6 Curriculum

Posted on April 13

The Northland School Division (NSD) is focused on student and staff well-being during a time where continuity of learning and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and previous wildfires is paramount. There is concern over learning loss and getting all students back into school. NSD considered the current realities we are living through as a result of COVID-19 and will be supporting the modernization of the curriculum by engaging our parents, students, and staff and gathering their input for possible revisions. Accordingly, at this time NSD will not be piloting the draft K-6 curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year. 

In addition, the Board of Trustees and Administration reviewed the draft content, outcomes, and measures proposed in the applicable subject areas, and discussed alignment with the vision, commitment, core values, and priorities of the Board. The Board recognizes the importance of redesigning the curriculum for the benefit of student learning. The Indigenous perspectives and experiences that were included in the previous curriculum seem to be omitted.  

As we move forward, it’s important Northland students, parents/guardians, staff, and community members have an opportunity to give their input. The communities we serve need to be heard and Northland students must see themselves in the draft curriculum. The Board and Administration will focus on encouraging NSD students, parents, guardians, staff, and community members to review the draft curriculum and submit feedback to Alberta Education. We will work with our community partners to gather information to share with Alberta Education for possible revisions of the social studies curriculum.

A new curriculum is important and will impact teaching and learning for years, so now is the opportunity to make sure we get it right for our students. To view the curriculum in its entirety, please visit: www.alberta.ca/curriculum and provide your input at: www.alberta.ca/curriculum-have-your-say

Cam Oulton said on April 15, 2021

Well said Northland! As a retired educator I believe I understand the deficiencies of this "new" curriculum in content, pacing, depth and tone as well as it's glaring omission of First Nation's philosophy, practices and history. Well said, indeed.