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Welcome back - message from Official Trustee Lois Byers

Posted on September 5

Tansi, Edlanat’e, Hello!

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to a new school year with Northland School Division (NSD). We hope you are recharged and excited to participate in your child’s education and school.  It continues to be a busy time in the largest geographical school division in Alberta as preparations continue for the return of a Board of Trustees in October 2017 and moving forward with strategies to better support students and schools. Key to moving student success forward is the five-year investment funding the Minister of Education and Alberta Government has agreed to make into NSD.

Working together we identified gaps and areas where additional funding is needed to support student success.  Literacy, numeracy, building First Nations and Métis perspectives, histories and knowledges around the curriculum; language and culture; land-based learning; attendance; wellness; professional learning for staff and community members; and school councils will be areas of focus. The biggest change communities will notice is the additional assistance provided to students and schools through the area offices. A division covering approximately 288,000 square kilometres creates challenges and area offices will help convert driving time to more time in schools.

On May 4, 2017, a new Northland School Division Act was proclaimed law. Key points of the new act are available on the NSD website http://nsd61.ca/governance. Information about School Board Trustee Elections can be found on the NSD website http://nsd61.ca/governance/elections. Also watch for details  on Facebook, in newspapers and radio (YL Country/KIX FM, CFWE and Real Country 93.3FM). If you have any questions please contact central office at 780-624-2060 and ask for Melanie Mantai, Executive Secretary. With respect to school councils, please contact your local school to learn more. Schools will be sharing information with families this month.

There’s an important transition happening with three NSD schools. The Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council (KTC) Education Authority will assume control of Peerless Lake, Kateri (Trout Lake) and Little Buffalo Schools on September 1, 2018. A partnership agreement is currently in place between NSD and KTC Education Authority to support language and culture, sports and recreation, literacy and high school. This great partnership will continue after the KTC Education Authority assumes control of the schools.

It has been a year of changes and this year will see more new things happening.  We know one of the main factors in student success is meaningful parent involvement. We also know “parent” includes more than biological parents and we encourage everyone to become involved and show children that education matters.  From the smallest gesture such as saying “you need to go to bed now as you have school tomorrow” to a big one like being school council chair – everything you say and do can help raise understanding of the value of education and student success. Please get involved and work with your school to help ensure every child’s success.