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Northland School Division provides School Bus Transportation to all of our students regardless of distance at no cost to the families that we service.  To accomplish this, 48 bus routes have been designed throughout the division to provide optimum service to the Northland Communities.  Of those 31 routes, 17 are contract operated and an additional bus route has been covered by a Cooperative Transportation Agreement with a neighboring School Division.

Northland School Division covers a total of 288,347 sq. kilometers of unorganized territory in northern Alberta.  The service area of the transportation Department is 4421 sq. kilometers; 5373 daily km’s are travelled or 967,140 km’s annually to transport approximately 3000 students daily to 33 schools in Alberta and BC by bus or by Conveyance Allowance.

Due to the vast size of the division, Northland does not operate division owned repair facilities.  Alternately, eight local garages are utilized to conduct semi-annual inspections and maintain the fleet of 52 School Buses.