Division News

Division News

Board Highlights - April 22, 2022

Posted on May 4

Read the Board Highlights from the April Regular Board Meeting. The latest edition includes: 

  • Lorraine McGillivray officially sworn in as Ward 1 Trustee
  • Edwin Parr Teacher Award nominee approved by Board of Trustees
  • Northland logo will have a new look!
  • Long Service Awards date approved by the Board
  • Awards and Celebrations - Fort McKay Schools students celebrated by the Board and Administration
  • Revised 2022-2023 Northland Calendar presented as information
  • Principles and Assumptions for 2022-2023 Budget given the go-ahead
  • Superintendent’s Highlights - Parents express excitement about students taking university courses in high school
  • Associate Superintendent Report - High School Timetable to be established

Click here to view the Board Highlights! 

The next Regular Board Meeting is Friday, April 22, 2022.