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Grade 5/6 students from Elizabeth School participating in Lessons from Willie program

Posted on February 1

Elizabeth School students in grades 5 and 6 are participating in an exciting event today (February 1st)! The school has been selected in Classroom Champions and the NHL's announcement of Lessons from Willie. The program is designed to bring the story of Willie O’Ree to light, and his experience as the first black player in the NHL. The program includes social justice and anti-racism resources to schools across North America and a series of inspirational videos that educators and families can use to start meaningful conversations with kids. The students are honoured to be selected to live stream with a panel to launch the initiative.

The panel features Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Willie O’Ree, Ron MacLean, and other special guests. Elizabeth School will be leveraging the free resources in the coming weeks and months to highlight the valuable and powerful conversations about social justice and racism. Take a look at the program: www.lessonsfromwillie.ca and help celebrate the ways NSD school communities can move forward when it comes to the topic of race. Don’t forget to watch the documentary, Willie!


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