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Division News

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Posted on May 2

On Monday, May 2nd, Northland schools encourage parents and community members to join them in showing appreciation to School Bus Drivers. The first Monday in May has been declared “School Bus Driver Appreciation Day” by the Student Transportation Association of Alberta.

School Bus Drivers are the unsung heroes of school divisions. School Bus Drivers impact a child’s day from the first morning greeting to the final farewell at the end of the day. When surveyed, drivers across the province universally declare that they drive because they care about children, they care about their communities and they want to make a meaningful contribution.  

Through the dark, ice, snow, rain, mud, dust, heat, wildlife, and other motorists; With happy, sad, upset, and sick kids. School Bus Drivers are there for the students. School Bus Drivers work hard to keep the busses clean and operating day after day to get our kids to school and help ensure success.

The Board of Trustees and Administration thank all NSD bus drivers for their dedication, patience, and commitment to safety.

Aimee McCamon said on May 2, 2022

My daughters love Miss Catrina! Having a great bus driver really makes a difference. Thank you for all you do!