Division News

Division News

Students Demonstrate Reading Level Improvement

Posted on December 22

Schools across Northland School Division No. 61 (NSD61) are demonstrating measurable growth in the number of students reading at grade level. This improvement is a result of educators building capacity with the Division-wide Literacy Initiative practices to enhance reading, writing and comprehension skills for students.


Fall Assessment 2013-2014

June Assessment 2013-2014


42% at grade level

57% at grade level


28% at grade level

41% at grade level


43% at grade level

54% at grade level

  • Grades 1-3:  15%
  • Grades 4-6:  13%
  • Grades 7-12: 11%

The Division is very pleased with these results and appreciates the hard work by students, staff, parents and community members and support from Cenovus Energy and various stakeholders. In saying this, NSD61 believes more student growth is required and schools are working with literacy leaders to maintain specific actions relating to assessment, literacy focused instruction and professional development. This year, Principals are working with staff to follow a literacy plan that includes assessing reading level of students three times per year, utilizing writing evaluations and hosting literacy events to involve the community.

The Literacy Initiative continues to receive support from literacy experts through recommendations. To that end, NSD61 has assembled a Literacy Focus Group to monitor student growth, ensure implementation is taking place in every classroom, make recommendations and address emerging issues. This group includes Donna Barrett, Superintendent of Schools, Don Tessier, Associate Superintendent, Gail Sajo, Literacy Supervisor, Leroy Sloan, External Consultant, Delores Pruden, Director of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education and local school administrators’. They will be meeting on a regular basis and will provide quarterly updates to students, staff, parents and community members.