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Division News

Year-end Message from Board Chair

Posted on June 30

Tansi, Edlánat’e, Hello students, parents, guardians, and community members.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication all of you have exhibited throughout the entire school year. Once again due to COVID-19, NSD dealt with some challenges, but a lot of good things occurred this year. 

Earlier this school year, the Board was pleased to report significant improvement following the release of the 2020-2021 Annual Education Results Report (AERR). The AERR is one-way Northland School Division (NSD) communicates student achievement, accomplishments, and priorities to the students, parents, community members, and school division partners. The 2020-2021 version of the AERR details the positive progress Northland accomplished in meeting Alberta Education Assurance Measures (AEAMs). Analysis of provincial and local information revealed that:

  • NSD students have shown significant improvement in high school completion. A 20% increase in the number of students completing high school within five (5) years!
  • There is greater satisfaction with the education quality from NSD parents and guardians. 86% of parents are more satisfied. That is a six (6%) percent increase over the previous year!
  • 83% of parents agree that students have the appropriate supports and services at school. That is four percent (4%) over the provincial average!
  • There is greater satisfaction with the amount of parental involvement in decisions about their children’s future. 80% of NSD parents are more satisfied. That is a 12% increase over the previous year!

Recently, NSD published its 2022-2025 Assurance Plan. Within the plan, you will find NSD's priorities, outcomes, strategies and measures that have been identified as a result of conversations with staff and school communities. This year, NSD utilized a new community engagement platform called Bang the Table to gather feedback for the Assurance Plan. Bang the Table is a web-based platform that is designed to support organizations with creating purposeful conversations. In addition, the Board met with community leaders via Zoom throughout the school year to keep them up to date on what’s happening and ask for their feedback on specific topics. I want to thank families and community leaders for providing important feedback. 

Another exciting engagement the Board and Administration launched was a contest focused on updating the Northland School Division logo. Northland ran the contest from March 21st and concluded on April 15th. The top community submission was designed by Regan Auger, a former Northland student! The Board of Trustees passed a motion to accept the new logo of Northland School Division as designed by Regan Auger. The new logo will be unveiled during the 2022-2023 school year.

To parents and guardians, thank you for supporting your child’s learning. Your efforts are appreciated. To all community members, thank you for all the positivity demonstrated to school staff with respect to student learning and lending a hand when needed. 

To our high school graduates. Congratulations to you on graduating high school. The Board and Administration are proud of your well-deserved accomplishment. We send our best wishes as you take the next step in your education journey. 

Have a wonderful and safe summer break everyone. We will see you in September. 

Hai, Hai, Masi cho, Thank you. 


Robin Guild
Board Chair 
Northland School Division