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Hundreds of Northland students earn trip to We Day

Posted on October 18

Source: https://twitter.com/metowe

Source: https://twitter.com/metowe

Hundreds of Northland students will attend WE Day on October 26th in Calgary! Students from Dr. Mary Jackson School (Keg River), Elizabeth School (Elizabeth Métis Settlement), Grouard Northland School, Mistassiniy School and St. Theresa School (Wabasca-Desmarais), Peerless Lake School and Calling Lake School will celebrate with thousands of students at the Scotiabank Saddledome who committed to improving their community and the world. Last year, J.F. Dion School students earned their way to WE Day by hosting fundraisers in the community to support Feed the Children. Students were also able to raise enough money to support a village by hiring a school teacher and making sure they have clean, safe water.

That commitment is how you earn your way to WE Day. This one-day event is a powerful, life-changing event that combines the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of extraordinary stories of leadership and change. Watch for We Day updates on our website and on our Facebook page and Twitter page! To learn more about WE day, visit https://www.we.org/.

Here are the following ME to WE projects taking place at our schools: 

Dr. Mary Jackson School: 

WE Take charge

Many of the students use quads, cars other gas powered vehicles. We are taking the opportunity to decrease negative impacts on Earth. Students will take pledges to shake up the daily routine with ways to go green. Students will celebrate going green by taking pictures of them using non-fuel based transportation such as riding a horse, skateboarding and cycling.   

WE Scare Hunger 

During the holiday season, the school will be gathering non-perishable food items and donating them to charity. In addition, students developed the following goals:

  • students will perform independent research,
  • participate in active group work and class discussions,
  • determine how to visually display research findings,
  • determine the difference between a “need” and a “want.",
  • learn about hunger in the community, as well as its causes and effects, 
  • overcome hunger myths
  • explore the purpose and use of a food bank, and
  • learn what they can do to fight local hunger.

St. Theresa School

The school's immediate concern is supporting the local foodbank. School has organized a reverse Christmas Calendar food drive event which started a few days ago and will lead up to Christmas and a few individual classes doing food bank related lessons and food drives. Student Council has completed the "We Schools" lessons where they learn what local issue and global issue means and examples of those. They are currently doing an exercise where they reflect on their community to identify local issues and from there they will be choosing which one they will concentrate on throughout the year. After this, they do the same on a global level.