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Student Services

Northland School Division provides a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of learners. Our first placement is inclusive, having children placed with their peers in their neighborhood school. Working with the school team and parents, the appropriate level of approaches and support are developed for a child that may include regular classroom placement with supports.

The Director of Student Services, Stephanie Sutherland is responsible for the administration and coordination of Inclusive Education Services in the Division. The Student Services Department arranges referrals and has contact with other professionals or outside agencies that provide specialized assessment, counseling, or other special services for students.  The services of Psychologists, Counselors, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Psychotherapists, are coordinated through the Student Services Department.  

The Department also coordinates Individualized Program Plans (IPP’s) within divisional schools. Priority is given to those students identified with a severe disability or delay who require additional services, gifted students, Early Childhood Services (ECS) students with Program Unit Funding (PUF) grants, as well as those students identified with mild/moderate conditions. Liaison with other professional, service providers and outside agencies is often required in order that students are provided with the necessary service to ensure their special needs are met.

Stephanie Sutherland
Director of Students Services
Phone: 780-618-4721