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Little Buffalo School
General Delivery
Cadotte Lake, Alberta
T0H 0N0
Phone: (780) 629-3950
Fax: (780) 629-3810
Grades: ECS to 12


Little Buffalo School is a K-12 school serving 211 students. We are located in the boreal forest of Northern Alberta, about an hour east of Peace River. Our school provides programs focused on numeracy and literacy, but also places emphasis on cultural activities, CTS and after school programming.


We will provide an environment in which every individual is nurtured in mind, body and spirit.


To provide our students with an environment that fosters growth and learning, and equip them with the tools necessary to achieve thier aspirations.


Our school will provide an environment where each person is valued for their individuality, culture and heritage. Emphasis is placed on building partnerships with parents and the community in order to create an environment in which all people can achieve success.